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We speak beauty & health!
We understand how important self-care is,  that little ME time in your busy life in which you recharge to keep conquering the world and we are honored you’ve chosen us to do so.
What to expect?
– Non- toxic high-quality products
– Licensed and professional nail specialists that listen to you and deliver their very best on each service
–  A  clean, safe, and breathable  space   with attentive staff  ready for your services
–  Disposable & Sterilized  tools
– Simplistic and caring approach.
We believe that beauty and health go hand by hand.

HNL Where beauty and health gets together for you! 

How many times have you loved our nails but the process is painful and unknown?
We get it ! 
That is why our menu is simple and our licensed technicians are professional and caring,
they love to address your questions and needs,  we understand that knowledge is power, and we are here to share with you our practices and high-quality products/techniques.
Quality service Matter! 
Our lab techs enjoy assisting you in every individual need and artistic choice. We strive to make our services healthy, unique, and straightforward for each and every individual.
We value your time and that is why we present you with the opportunity to reserve your services with us.
We love walkings but they are subject to availability as our reservations are our priority.
Trouble booking online?
No worries simply call us at (689) 222-0232 and a lab team member will be delighted to assist you.


The hands have 29 major joints, at least 123 ligaments, 34 muscles, 48 nerves, and 30 arteries. —Nine individual muscles control the thumb; 3 major hand nerves control the thumb muscles. –The fingers themselves have no muscles.
We offer 5 types of Manicures to take care of this amazing part of us:
– Non-toxic Manicure which is a full service and you can select to add non-toxic gel to it
– Maintenance manicure dedicate to refreshing your full service during the month (non-toxic polish only)
– SNS Dip powder Manicure
– CND  Sculpting gel
– CND  refill manicure
Visit our menu for additional information.


Nothing incapacitates you as much as sore or injured feet. Our feet are remarkable biomechanical structures that are responsible for transporting our entire body weight 8,000-10,000 steps per day. And yet, most people know very little about what actually goes on inside the foot.
We offered. The following pedicure options
–  Formula U . Full service dedicated to taking care of. Your toes, skin, and legs.  You can add non-toxic gel to this service
– Maintenance  Pedicure  designed to refresh your feet in between  main services  ( only non-toxic polish)
–  Intensive care Pedicure
Are calluses bothering you?
We got you! This  treatment will revive you and make you fall in love with your hardworking feet again
This is a full-service pedicure performed with non-toxic polish. You can add nontoxic gel to it!

NormaTec Compression Therapy is a cutting-edge recovery system that helps

   – Flushing of lymphatic fluids and lactic acids helps remove toxins from your muscles.
– Reduced inflammation.
– Improved circulation.
– Reduced water accumulation.
– Accelerated recovery and rehabilitation


Our licensed techs are able to assist you with the removal of that unwanted facial hair, using quality products and great techniques.

Upper lips, brows, chin, nose, and sideburns might be freshly shaped or only cleaned up. HNL is prepared to seem flawless.


Your face is your first and main presentation card, our facials  are designed  to clean, revitalize and  rejuvenate your skin.


Give your hands and feet color and life by taking inspiration from the designs created by our nail tech.

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